What Would You Create in Your Community with $444 Million?

High Rock, Pine Mountain, Ky

High Rock, Pine Mountain, Ky

Hello allies,

$444 million has been allocated for the construction of a federal prison in Letcher County, Kentucky, making it the only federal prison in progress in the country. While public officials tout the proposed prison as a surefire way to boost our local economy, we know mass incarceration to be a false solution in communities across the country. This would be the fourth federal prison that Congressman Hal Rogers has built in our Congressional District. The previous three facilities were placed in economically distressed counties and have done very little to help local communities. 

In response to the allocation of tax dollars for a new federal prison , residents formed the Letcher Governance Project. Despite officials attempting to convince the public that this is a done deal, it is not. Rather than settling for what has already been proven as a failure, we opt for creative and innovative solutions to uplift the local economy and foster healing in our communities.

Stand with us as we oppose the construction of a federal prison and promote community driven solutions to the problems we face, surmounted by decades of political corruption and misguidance.

This is what we need you to do: 

  1. Write a short post on any social media platform to help change the story. Use the hashtag #our444million with your vision to show how you would invest $444 million tax dollars in Eastern Kentucky. Let’s populate this hashtag with real investment ideas from real people.
  2. Spread the word! Encourage friends to use the hashtag, send out this request for support to your list serves. Share our website, Twitter, and Facebook.